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Teens, Technology & Relationships Webinar

Relationship Status: It's Complicated

Teens, Technology & Relationships Webinar


Technology and social media shape the identities and world views of today’s young people. Teen sexuality, relationships, and identity are interwoven with cell phones and social media, and many parents and professionals are left wondering: what does it all mean? This interactive webinar will start from the ground up, beginning with definitions and a roadmap of technology commonly used by adolescents. From there, we will examine how technology shapes teen sexuality, relationships, and identity — for better or for worse. We will discuss teen relationship abuse and technology, as well as ways that teen relationships can be strengthened by technology. Throughout, we will discuss 8 concrete tips for understanding and interacting with teens through the lens of technology.

As a result of this webinar, participants will: 

  • Be able to identify popular social media apps and websites used by teens
  • Discover examples of how technology and social media shape adolescent identity and relationships
  • Learn 8 specific strategies that help strengthen personal and professional understanding of teens and technology/social media use 
  • Have access to additional resources that can continue to support parents and professionals in understanding teens and technology 

What you'll get: 

  • 1 hour interactive webinar on Teens, Technology and Relationships 
  • 30 minute Q & A 
  • Resource sheet loaded with websites, books and links to helpful sources 
  • Follow up information as requested 

What you'll need: 

  • A computer, tablet or smartphone to access the webinar via Google Hangouts (System Requirements


  • The webinar will take place on  Thursday, June 28, 2018 
  • We will meet 6:00PM - 7:30PM EST (1 hour of presentation and 30 minutes of Q & A)
  • The webinar will take place via Google Hangouts (System Requirements
  • The webinar is meant to be interactive so come ready to ask questions and participate! 

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