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Training Topics

Choose from my pre-existing list of training topics or let's work together to create something new. All trainings are thoughtfully tailored to meet your organization's specific needs and objectives. 

Youth Development


Relationship Status - It's Complicated: Teens, Technology & Relationships

This training helps professional & parents better understand how the adolescents in their lives are using technology and provides a helpful framework they can use to support and communicate with their teens. 

Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work with Youth: Navigating Youth Culture & Development

Developmental level and youth culture can create situations that leave professionals uneasy about the “right” thing to do. This workshop explores the ethical challenges of working with youth and develops strategies to navigate those dilemmas. 

Teaching Healthy Relationships: The Ins and Outs of Talking about Relationships with Teens  

Young people so often hear what not to do and rarely hear what they should do, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. This workshops equips you with the tools and approaches you need to talk to young people about healthy relationships. 

Nature & Dynamics of Teen Dating Violence 

Explore the dynamics of intimate partner violence as it applies to teen relationships, including how dating violence uniquely affects LGBTQ youth. Also learn tools and approaches for what you can do to support youth who have experienced dating violence. 

What's Consent Got To Do With It?

Best practices, activities and context for teaching young people about the importance of giving and getting consent. 

Healthy Teen Sexuality

Consider what teens need to know to make safe and healthy decisions about their own sexual health and how to keep your own level of discomfort in check. 

Exploring Race & Privilege in our Schools 

This is a series of workshops that help teachers or other youth-serving professions to explore and understand racial and cultural differences between themselves and the youth they serve. Series topics include implicit bias, why paying attention to race is important and incorporating diversity and equality. 

    Trauma-Informed Care


    Confronting Trauma: Caring for Yourself while Caring for Others

    This training focuses on supporting those who work in helping professions such as healthcare, social work, education or any other field where they come into contact with the suffering of others. As a result of this training, participants will understand the definition of trauma, explore how encountering trauma can affect physical and mental well-being, and develop concrete strategies for coping with trauma exposure.

    Preventing & Confronting burnout: Strategies for self-care and beyond

    This interactive training covers strategies to prevent and combat burnout in a variety of fields and allows participants to share best practices with each other. Participants walk away with concrete tools and approaches that go beyond simply "self-care." This integrated approach of caring for self will help sustain participants in their work for years to come. 

    Facilitation Skills


    Strategies for Effective Facilitation

    This interactive training will support you in making your meetings and discussions more engaging, impactful and effective. You’ll walk away with concrete skills and strategies in effective facilitation that can be used in any context.

    Multiple Intelligences for Teaching and Learning 

    People have a unique blend of capabilities and skills (verbal, musical, interpersonal, kinesthetic, logical, etc), these are considered their multiple intelligences. Through this workshop, learn about which intelligences you have an affinity towards, how it affects your work and how to harness a variety of intelligences to communicate your message. 

    Patient Engagement


    Real-World Strategies for Difficult Situations

    Working with challenging patients is a reality in healthcare. This training will give clinic staff an opportunity to consider best practices and approaches for getting to the root of these challenging patients behaviors and addressing them with compassion and empathy. 

    customer service 

    Excellent customer service is the corner stone of effective patient engagement. This training is specifically tailored to the organization's customer service gaps and can include topics such as increasing empathy, cultural competence, communication best practices, and patient-centered approaches. 

    Communication & Team Building


    Exploring the Five successes of a Team 

    This training explores the building blocks of creating a successful team and provides a helpful frame to approach team building. It takes a positive spin on Patrick Lencioni's The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    Creating a Team Mission Statement

    While your organization at large likely has a mission statement, consider the power of a team mission statement to drive and inspire your work. This workshop will help your team establish an active mission and vision that can sustain and inspire you. 

    Effective Communication 

    Communication is one of the skills that can have the greatest impact on a productive workplace and successful team. However, we often neglect to practice and refine our communication skills. This interactive workshop provide skills and strategies for improving interpersonal communication and approaching difficult conversations. 

    Staff retreats - catered to your team 

    Taking time away from the office (or school, or clinic) to reconnect with your team and work toward common goals is vital for organizational progress. Staff retreat topics include self-care, communication, accountability, teamwork, etc. The possibilities are endless - let's work together to meet your goals. 

    Exploring conflict through courage, compassion, & connection 

    Organizations often think of conflict as a negative, however if we approach conflict in the right way it can be an incredibly effective way to spark growth and learning. This training explores conflict through the lens of compassion, courage, and connection and provides participants with concrete models to approach conflict in their organization.


    Let's Work Together.

    I'm excited to work with you and your organization. I truly believe that training and facilitation can be fun, engaging and, most importantly, practical and applicable. Contact me for a free consultation where we'll discuss your needs and how we can work together. I'm currently based in Michigan and I am happy to travel based on availability. 

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