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Training & Facilitation

Engaging, creative and practical services for your nonprofit. 

Adult learners are often expected to retain information by just sitting and listening to someone talk at them. My philosophy is to consider how a group will learn best, harness the wisdom in the room and ensure that every single individual leaves with practical tools they can take away and use in their work or life. 

Over the past 10 years, I've facilitated trainings for adolescents, college students, parents, social workers, teachers and healthcare professionals. It is one of my greatest joys to help people have that "ah ha" moment and then find a way to take that learning and apply it to their lives. 


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Thank you so much for this training. After today, I know I will be more self aware of ways to provide better support for my well-being and the well-being of others. Thank you.
— Training Participant, Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County


Areas of Practice*

youth development

Adolescents are often a unique and sometimes challenging population to work with. Having the right framework and resources to support them can make all the difference when addressing their social and emotional needs. From technology use to ethical dilemmas to talking about race and gender, I've got you covered. 

patient engagement

Working with challenging patients is a reality for most healthcare professionals. It can be helpful to take a step back and consider best practices and approaches for getting to the root of these challenging patient behaviors. Learn skills to address the situations with compassion and empathy.

trauma-informed care

Those of us who work in helping professions such as education, healthcare or social work often encounter pain and trauma in our day-to-day practice. By developing concrete skills and strategies for self-care, we can greatly enhance our potential to serve our clients, decrease burnout and ultimately care for others by caring for ourselves. 

communication & team building

Communication is the key to any effective and productive workplace. Unfortunately, many of us are speaking a different language than the rest of our colleagues. Get on the same page and build trust within your teams through small, targeted training sessions or a full-day staff retreat. 


facilitation skills

We are often asked to step into roles where we are expected to facilitate meetings or discussions for a group of colleagues. Unfortunately, facilitation is not a skill that most people have the opportunity to learn in any formal way. Let's work together to transform your next meeting or presentation into a dynamic and engaging experience. 

*I say "practice" instead of "expertise" because I believe that we are always growing, learning and practicing the skills and knowledge we acquire. I want to be your partner in practice, not an "expert" who tells you what to do. 


Kaleigh is a dynamic presenter, skilled at creating a safe environment for people to learn and share. She is engaging and intentional in her approach – a joy to work with.
— Janet Gillow, George Warren Brown School of Social Work Professional Development Program


Let's Work Together. 

I'm excited to work with you and your organization. I believe that training and facilitation can be fun, engaging and, most importantly, practical. Contact me for a free consultation where we'll discuss your needs and how we can work together. I'm currently based in Michigan and I am happy to travel based on availability. 

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